AUTOGRAPHED and PERSONALIZED BOOK (Shipping Included) - The Catholics Next Door

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  • Greg and Jennifer will personally sign and scribble in your book before sending :)
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We're selling off our remaining current stock of Greg and Jennifer's first book, The Catholics Next Door: Adventures in Imperfect Living.

Buy a book and Greg and Jennifer will sign it, doodle in it, and there may also be surprises inside ;)


These days, getting kids to focus on God instead of their iPods takes nothing less than supernatural intervention. Loving God and following him often makes you look weird to your neighbors.

The Willitses understand the struggle, and in their very first book, they share their energetic, humorous, and imperfect attempts to live out their faith in today's world.

Sometimes it helps to know that others are on the same narrow path as you, stumbling just as you do. Greg and Jennifer Willitses' view of the world covers the gamut of daily life, from kids and comic books to marriage and dealing with technology, and shows readers that you don’t have to be perfect parents with perfect kids to be good Catholics.