AUTOGRAPHED and PERSONALIZED - Tied in Knots (Shipping Included)

AUTOGRAPHED and PERSONALIZED - Tied in Knots (Shipping Included)

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  • Greg will personally sign and scribble in your book before sending :)
  • Very limited quantities available (we don't plan on reordering)
  • Included shipping limited to United States only

We're selling off our remaining stock of Greg's book, Tied in Knots: Finding Peace in Today's World.

Buy a book and Greg will sign it, doodle in it, and there may also be surprises inside ;)

Entangled with anxiety? Twisted with trepidation? Contorted with conflicts?

From snarls in the workplace to hitches on the homefront, most of us find ourselves shaking our heads thinking: Is there any way to untangle this mess I call life?

Greg Willits, Catholic author, media trailblazer, husband, and father, has experienced his share of knots, and he s here to assure you that there s no tangle you can t undo provided you have the right tools.

Greg becomes your friend and (sometimes hilarious) companion in this endeavor, sharing his own experiences and those of others, as well as Scripture and Catholic teaching, walking along side you as you begin to untie the knots in your life.

Tied in Knots begins to pull the thread so that you:

  1. See the knots in your life maybe for the first time
  2. Uncover your joy where it is, or where it went
  3. Look at who you really are and how that reveals God s will
  4. Rediscover what you love and make the time to start doing it again
  5. Create a concrete plan (finally) for finding true joy and lasting peace